VidTrans09 - Annual Technical Conference and Exposition - Los Angeles, California, USA

February 10 - 12, 2009

Photos from VidTrans09, February 2009
Photos from the VidTrans09 Conference held in Los Angeles on February 10-12, 2009

"Advancing Video Technologies: Innovative Options for Video Transport"
Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday February 10, 2009
Session 1

    Bill Zou - DTS
  1. Update of SMPTE Task Force on 3D to the Home (pdf, 83k)
    Bill Zou - DTS

  2. Helge Stephansen - T-VIPS
  3. Impairments for multiple JPEG2000 encoding/decoding for Television (pdf, 480k)
    Helge Stephansen - T-VIPS

  4. François-Olivier Devaux - IntoPIX
  5. Optimal JPEG 2000 Rate Allocation for Contribution (pdf, 1.14Mb)
    François-Olivier Devaux - intoPIX

  6. Ali C. Begen - Cisco
  7. Reducing Channel Change Times in IPTV with Real-Time Transport Protocol (pdf, 625k)
    Ali C. Begen - Cisco

  8. William Simmelink - Coppergate Communications
  9. Enabling Advanced Video Across a Home Network (pdf, 913k)
    William Simmelink - Coppergate Communications

  10. Derek Smith, VSF President - Pathfire
  11. VSF Awards Ceremony
    Derek Smith, VSF President - Pathfire

Session 2

    Mary-Luc Champel -Thomson Grass Valley /Sean McCarthy- Motorola
  1. FEC for VBR streams : challenges & solutions (pdf, 389k)
    Mary-Luc Champel -Thomson Grass Valley /Sean McCarthy- Motorola

  2. Carl Ostrom - System Resource
  3. Cop3vbr Activity Group Work Review (pdf, 353k)
    Carl Ostrom - System Resource

  4. Chin Chye Koh - VPG
  5. End-to-end video quality: The impact of different combinations and order of compression algorithms. (pdf, 2.06Mb)
    Chin Chye Koh - VPG

  6. Donald Stalter - Dimetis, GmbH
  7. Seeing is Believing- Implementation of a Broadcast Operations Support System (OSS) for the Management of Converging Entertainment/Media and Telecommunications Networks. (pdf, 1.99Mb)
    Donald Stalter - Dimetis, GmbH

  8. Paul Briscoe - Harris
  9. Timing and Synchronization in the 21st Century (pdf, 305k)
    Paul Briscoe - Harris

  10. John Dale - Media Links
  11. HBRAV - JPEG2K & Uncompressed Activity Group Work Review (pdf, 732k)
    John Dale - Media Links

Wednesday February 11, 2009
Session 3

    Michael Karagosian - MKPE Consulting
  1. 3-D, Digital Cinema, and Beyond (pdf, 2.46Mb)
    Michael Karagosian - MKPE Consulting

  2. Bill Wohnoutka - Level 3
  3. The Mainstream Shift of Online Content (pdf, 1.12Mb)
    Bill Wohnoutka - Level 3

  4. Pierre Costa - AT&T
  5. a] Quality of Experience Activity Group Work Review (pdf, 275k)
    Pierre Costa - AT&T

  6. Mathias Coinchon - EBU
  7. b] EBU update on VCIP (pdf, 265k)
    Mathias Coinchon - EBU

  8. Per Lindgren - Net Insight
  9. Media Transport in an IP centric world (pdf, 520k)
    Per Lindgren - Net Insight

  10. Joseph Hilt - Hibernia Atlantic
  11. Why submarine cable is used and how it compares to satellites. (pdf, 1.26Mb)
    Joseph Hilt - Hibernia Atlantic

Session 4

    Jim Welch - IneoQuest Technologies
  1. Measuring and Monitoring IP Packet Jitter on Variable Bit Rate Multimedia Flows (pdf, 599k)
    Jim Welch - IneoQuest Technologies

  2. Steve Liu - Mixed Signals
  3. Ensuring Quality of Experience (pdf, 419k)
    Steve Liu - Mixed Signals

  4. Wes Simpson - Telcom Product Consulting
  5. Wireless Video Transport Using Unlicensed Microwave Bands (pdf, 742k)
    Wes Simpson - Telcom Product Consulting

Panel Discussion: "Migration from ATM to IP - Deployment of Video over IP Services"

Thursday February 12, 2009
Session 5

    Mike Wilken - Big Ten Network
  1. How Big Ten Network Universities perform file transfers of HD contribution content over I2 for use in their nightly telecast. (pdf, 1.07Mb)
    Mike Wilken - Big Ten Network

  2. Sean McCarthy - Motorola
  3. A Biological Framework for Video Processing (pdf, 1.65Mb)
    Sean McCarthy - Motorola

  4. Marshall Eubanks - American Free TV
  5. Standards Based FEC for IPTV (pdf, 52k)
    Marshall Eubanks - American Free TV

  7. Tour of DIRECTV's Los Angeles Broadcast Center
    Chris Homer - DIRECTV

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