Membership Levels

Businesses and individuals become VSF members through one of six categories:

The Video Services Provider Forum (VSPF) comprises organizations that offer video transport services to end users in the broadcast, professional, entertainment, industrial, educational, and government markets. Members provide video transport services through terrestrial and satellite networks. The VSPF is concerned with the service offering, marketing, and provisioning aspects of the video transport business and, in particular, the interconnection between cooperating carriers necessary to provide end-to-end services.

The Video Services Industry Forum (VSIF) comprises organizations that design and manufacture equipment to enable service providers to build networks for the delivery of video transport services to end users. It also includes technical participants from the VSPF member organizations. The VSIF is concerned with the technical requirements and standards necessary to permit the offering of services and particularly the interconnection between carriers required for delivery of end-to-end services.

The Video Services User Group (VSUG) comprises organizations that are end users of video transport services. They help to identify services that will be required in order to meet their business needs and the qualities of such services necessary for their acceptance by the user community.

The Associate Membership is mainly for organizations that are outside of North America and unable to attend VSF Meetings. Associate members pay to attend the VSF May and October Meetings.

The VSF Trial Membership allows entities to evaluate the benefits of membership for one year including free admission to one (1) VSF Meeting Series.

The VSF Consultant Membership is for industry consultants who run a sole proprietorship.

The Start-Up Membership is for small companies with less than 5 employees. You can only be in this membership category for 2 years.

The VSF Academic Member level includes researchers at a university, college, or similar institution in post-secondary education.

VSF Members receive discounts on Booth Rentals at the Annual VidTrans Conference as well as free admission to VSF Meeting Series Meetings. VSF Members can participate in Activity Group Meetings and receive the results of their work effort. They also receive access codes to the VSF Meeting Presentation Archives dating back to 1998. View full details of VSF membership levels and benefits.

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