VSF- VidTrans24 - Annual Technical Conference and Exposition - Marina del Rey, California, USA

February 27-29, 2024

Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday February 27 -- IPMX TECHNOLOGY DAY

  1. Why IPMX? Introduction to the Pro AV Marketplace.
    Sam Recine, Matrox Video

  2. What is IPMX? – Summary of IPMX Technical Recommendations
    Jed Deame, Nextera Video

  3. Important IP User Requirements for Broadcasters
    Richard Friedel

  4. IPMX Codec Report – Purpose and Status
    Andrew Starks, Macnica

  5. Focused Technical Requirements for IPMX
    Marc Levy, Macnica

  6. Methods for Selecting and Tes?ng Network Switches for AV Applications
    Albert Faust, Arista & Jack Douglass, Packetstorm

  7. IPMX Activity Group Report
    Jack Douglass, PacketStorm

  8. Video of ISE DEMO
    Sam Recine, Matrox & Jack Douglass, PacketStorm

  9. IPMX – What’s next
    Andrew Starks, Macnica

  10. IPMX Media connectivity for all shapes and size
    Moderator-Andrew Starks, Macnica

Wednesday, February 28

  1. Emerging Compute Technologies for Supporting Media Production
    Andy Rayner, Appear TV

  2. GCCG Group Update
    John Mailhot, Imagine

  3. The Dynamic Media Factory Harmonizing ICT and media workflows and operations
    Thomas Gunkel, Skyline Communications

  4. RIST Activity Group Update
    Rick Ackermans, CBS

  5. Why Do We Need to Have a Precise Video Delivery Monitoring
    Adi Rozenberg, Alvalinks

  6. Reality Check: Content Provenance and C2PA to Fight “Fake News”
    Thomas Edwards, AWS

  7. An Overview of RIST Multicast Discovery
    Ciro Noronha, Cobalt Digital

  8. Distributed Production In Action – The New Norm. Exploring use cases
    Moderator- Andy Rayner, Appear

  9. Highlights from SMPTE 2nd Study Group Report on PTP Security
    Leigh Whitcomb, Whitcomb Consulting

  10. Content Identification and Matching Using SMPTE Standardized Fingerprinting
    Paul Briscoe, TAG

  11. Efficient, Scalable SMPTE ST 2110 Media Transport for Containerized Media Applications
    Raul Diaz, Intel

Thursday, February 29

  1. Low-Latency at Scale with CMAF
    Ivan Andryushin, MainConcept

  2. The New JPEG XS TDC Profile: Perfect Quality, Zero Latency, Reduced Bandwidth
    Ben Runyan, IntoPix

  3. Forward Error Correction for VSF TR-07 JPEG XS Transport Streams
    Inge Hillestad, Nevion

  4. Building Out Dynamic Media Infrastructures for Tier 1 Live Sports Production
    Phillip Myers, Lawo

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