VidTrans10 - Annual Technical Conference and Exposition - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

February 2 - 4, 2010

Photos from VidTrans10, February 2010
Photos from VidTrans10 held in Atlanta, GA on February 2-4, 2010

"Reaching the goal of Seamless Video Transport"
Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday February 2, 2010
Session 1

  1. Pierre Robidoux - CBC Radio-CanadaIP Network Training for Broadcasters (pdf, 1.64Mb)
    Pierre Robidoux - CBC Radio-Canada

  2. Helge Stephansen - T-VIPSContribution for 3D Television (pdf, 1.01Mb)
    Helge Stephansen - T-VIPS

  3. Carl Ostrom - System ResourceIssues of Real Time and Deterministic Switching on IP Networks (pdf, 49k)
    Carl Ostrom - System Resource

  4. Ali Jerbi - CiscoChallenges in MPEG-4 AVC Digital Program Insertion (DPI) (pdf, 571k)
    Ali Jerbi - Cisco

  5. Dale Stolitzka - Analog DevicesJPEG 2000 Progression Order Parameters and Effects on Video Transmission (pdf, 1.23Mb)
    Dale Stolitzka - Analog Devices

  6. Norm Hurst - SarnoffI Can See Clearly Now: A New Test Pattern for the Digital Age (pdf, 3.42Mb)
    Norm Hurst - Sarnoff

Session 2

  1. John Dale - Media LinksHBRAV - JPEG2K & Uncompressed Activity Group Work Review (pdf, 508k)
    John Dale - Media Links

  2. Carl Ostrom - System ResourceCop3vbr Activity Group Work Review (pdf, 333k)
    Carl Ostrom - System Resource

  3. MJ Drouin - D. Technologies Inc.Software development: Service Oriented Architecture Tutorial (pdf, 1.43Mb)
    MJ Drouin - D. Technologies Inc.

  4. Richard Bullock - EricssonBuilding Next Generation Contribution Networks (pdf, 3.21Mb)
    Richard Bullock - Ericsson

Panel Discussion: "Virtual Facilities and Video Transport"

  • MJ Drouin - D. Technologies Inc.MJ Drouin - D. Technologies

  • Joe Fabiano - Bright Sky HoldingsJoe Fabiano - Bright Sky Holdings

  • John Mailhot - HarrisJohn Mailhot - Harris

  • Jim Hopkins - FoxJim Hopkins - Fox

  • Emory Strilkauskas - ESPNEmory Strilkauskas - ESPN

Wednesday February 3, 2010
Session 3

  1. placeholderPlease contact Bob Ruhl for a copy of this time slot presentation.

  2. placeholderPlease contact Bob Ruhl for a copy of this time slot presentation.

  3. Pierre Costa - ATTQuality of Experience Activity Group Work Review (pdf, 226k)
    Pierre Costa - ATT

  4. Erling Hedkvist - Net InsightEnsuring IP QoS for Large Scale Media Transport (pdf, 1.07Mb)
    Erling Hedkvist - Net Insight

  5. Jack Douglass - PacketStormStandards Based Network Model for Evaluating Multimedia Transmission Performance Over Internet Protocol (pdf, 2.22Mb)
    Jack Douglass - PacketStorm

  6. Paul Briscoe - HarrisAspect Ratio Madness in the Multi-Format World (pdf, 1.2Mb)
    Paul Briscoe - Harris

Session 4

  1. Jim Welch - IneoQuestNext Generation Adaptive Video Streaming Implementations (pdf, 2.73Mb)
    Jim Welch - IneoQuest & Nishith Sinha - Turner

  2. Dr. Chin Koh - NevionThe Application of Transport Streams in Today's Real Time Video Transport Network (pdf, 476k)
    Dr. Chin Koh - Nevion

  3. Rick Ackermans - TurnerPractical users take: JPEG 2K, Uncompressed HD and other high data rate transports via IP (pdf, 3.6Mb)
    Rick Ackermans � Turner Broadcasting

Panel Discussion: "Migration from ATM to IP - Deployment of Video over IP Services"

  • Rick Ackermans - TurnerRick Ackermans - Turner

  • Derek Anderson - Level 3Derek Anderson - Level 3

  • Pierre Costa - ATTPierre Costa - ATT

  • Richard Friedel - FoxRichard Friedel - Fox

  • Steven  Silva - FoxSteven Silva - Fox

Thursday February 4, 2010
Session 5

  1. Wes Simpson - Telecom Product ConsultingSynchronization Requirements and Options for Distributed Transmission (SFN) Systems (pdf, 196k)
    Wes Simpson - Telecom Product Consulting

  2. Suresh Bazaj - Ankeena NetworksOptimizing End-to-End Network Transport for Internet Video Delivery (pdf, 680k)
    Suresh Bazaj - Ankeena Networks

  3. Howard Meiseles - NTCWireless Television (pdf, 273k)
    Howard Meiseles - NTC

  4. Matt Cowan - RealD Transporting 3D content to the living room (pdf, 1.2Mb)
    Matt Cowan - RealD

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