VidTrans11 Annual Conference & Exhibition - Los Angeles, California, USA
"Video Services; Embracing new technologies and applications"

February 1 - 3, 2011

Photos from VidTrans11, February 2011
Photos from VidTrans11 Conference & Exhibition held in Los Angeles, CA on February 1-3, 2011

Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday February 1, 2011

Session 1

  1. Developing End-to-End Standards for 3DTV to the Home (pdf, 261k)
    Bill Zou - DTS Inc.

  2. Media Fingerprinting, Applications in Broadcast Television (pdf, 1.65Mb)
    Martin Jolicoeur - Miranda

  3. The Math of SMPTE 2022 Forward Error Correction(pdf, 992k)
    Helge Stephansen - T-VIPS

  4. Network Management Trends (pdf, 400k)
    Shahin Arefzadeh - Dimetis

Session 2

  1. Cloud Computing Training for Content Providers (pdf, 1.38Mb)
    MJ Drouin - D. Technologies Inc.

  2. SONET/SDH 2022 over SONET AG Report (pdf, 64k)
    Mike Bany - DVBLink

  3. Qualifying Broadcast Systems Using PCR Based Analysis (pdf, 734k)
    Jeff Van Roekel - Sencore

  4. Commonwealth Games 2010 IP Contribution Case Study (pdf, 2.91Mb)
    Santanu Dasgupta - Cisco Systems

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Session 3

  1. 3DTV; Hype or Hear To Stay (pdf, 2.59Mb)
    Richard Bullock - Ericsson

  2. FEC Activity Group Progress Report (pdf, 766k)
    Jack Douglass - Packet Storm

  3. Video Content Ad Hoc Group Status Report (pdf, 147k)
    Wes Simpson - Telcom Product Consulting

  4. The VeriStream HTTP Adaptive Streaming QoS Metric (pdf, 872k)
    Jim Welch - IneoQuest

  5. Baseband Meets Broadband (pdf, 2.12Mb)
    John Mailhot - Harris

Session 4

  1. Transmitting Live Video on 3G: Will the Mobile Phone Network Work for Contribution? (pdf, 543k)
    Wes Simpson - Telecom Product Consulting & Bob Ehlers- HauteSpot Networks

  2. Video Transfer and Video at Rest: Streams and Files (pdf, 680k)
    Jakob Hummes - Harmonic

  3. 3DTV? We Don't Even Do HDTV Yet! (pdf, 3.80Mb)
    Stan Moote - Harris

  4. Panel Discussion: 3D - delivering a quality experience; an exploration of challenges, open issues, and solutions
    We all know that 3D is a subject which is getting a lot of interest. Panelists will explore some of the challenges, open issues, and potential solutions to delivering a high-quality 3D experience. Will the industry meet the demand in this new area? Attend this panel to hear an informed discussion on delivery of 3D.

    Participants: Pierre Costa - AT&T, Walt Husak - Dolby, Emory Strilkauskas - ESPN, Richard Bullock - Ericsson, Stan Moote - Harris, Rick Ackermans - Turner

Thursday February 3, 2011

Session 5

  1. Interoperation Activity Group Report(pdf, 566k)
    John Dale - Media Links

  2. IP Video Case Study (pdf, 643k)
    Mike Wilken - Big Ten Network

  3. A reconfigurable video transport system implementing SMPTE 2022-x enabled by FPGAs. (pdf, 761k)
    Chin Koh-Nevion & Matt Klein - Xilinx

  4. 3D Test Shoot Report (pdf, 1.29Mb)
    Walt Husak - Dolby

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