VidTrans13 Annual Conference & Exhibition - Los Angeles, California, USA
"Content in Motion"

February 26 - February 28, 2013

Photos from VidTrans13, February 2013
Photos from VidTrans13 Conference & Exhibition held in Los Angeles, CA on February 26 - February 28, 2013

Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

  1. A Vision Science Analysis of High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for Smartphones, Tablets, HDTV, and Ultra HDTV. (pdf, 7.75Mb)
    Sean McCarthy - Motorola Mobility

  2. How to optimize transcoding throughput of file-based workflows (pdf, 1.94Mb)
    Thomas Burnichon - ATEME

  3. Networked Live Video Inside the Broadcast Plant (pdf,15.34Mb )
    Thomas Edwards - Fox

  4. What happens when packets are dropped in IP routers (pdf, 1.76Mb)
    Helge Stephansen - Nevion

  5. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Update: Beyond the Main Profile (pdf, 1.22Mb)
    Matthew Goldman-Ericsson

  6. Measuring the performance of OTT Video from both User and Network perspective (pdf, 698k)
    Alan Clark - Telchemy

  7. What's the next big thing? - Training for Broadcasters (pdf, 5.28Mb)
    MJ Drouin - Aldea Solutions

  8. Glasses-free 3D displays for the broadcast industry (pdf, 8.46Mb)
    Walt Husak - Dolby

  9. Accurate objective lip-sync measurements for multi-format, multi-signal video networks (pdf, 2.49Mb)
    Pierre Costa - AT&T

  10. H.265 Video Encoding to TV and Beyond (pdf, 8.2Mb)
    Mike Callahan - Elemental Technologies

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

  1. File Based Contribution Workflows @ SRG SSR (pdf, 1.37Mb)
    Shahin Arefzadeh - Dimetis Inc.

  2. Ethernet to the Camera (pdf, 5.65Mb)
    Wes Simpson - Telecom Product Consulting

  3. Measured HTTP Streaming Video Performance in the Presence of Typical Network Impairments (pdf, 833K)
    Jim Welch - Ineoquest

  4. Status report on what progress has been made on JPEG2000 standardization (pdf, 361k)
    John Dale - Media Links & Inge Hillestad - Nevion

  5. Method for Deterministic Media Switching in IP Networks (pdf, 248k)
    Carl Ostrom - System Resource

  6. HEVC - Its complexity and opportunities (pdf, 1.69Mb)
    Lac Do - Envivio Inc

  7. VSF Future Collaboration with ATIS on QoE work.
    Pierre Costa - AT&T

  8. Panel Discussion: Title "Charting the Future of Professional Media Connectivity"
    Each of the panelists will present their thoughts on the future of professional media. The panel will then explore the topic further, including looking at core infrastructure, the merging of professional and consumer media, the issue of distributed facilities and security.

    Participants: Rick Ackermans - Turner Broadcasting
    Pierre Costa - AT&T
    Brad Gilmer - Gilmer and Associates, Inc.
    John Mailhot - Harris
    Carl Ostrom - System Resource
    Pierre Robidoux - CBC

Thursday, February 28, 2013

  1. Cloud Based Security Safety Net Systems for Broadcasters (pdf, 5.18Mb)
    Pierre Robidoux - CBC Radio Canada

  2. Hitless Protection Switching Activity Group Update (pdf, 983k)
    Mike Bany - DVBLink

  3. UHDTV next TV standard: a status update (pdf, 3.24Mb)
    Adi Kouadio - EBU

  4. Interop Discussion (pdf, 1.74Mb)
    Jack Douglass - Packet Storm

  5. Expanding Broadcast Applications Over IP Networks (pdf, 278k)
    Richard Bullock - Ericsson

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