VidTrans15 - Content in Motion, Annual Technical Conference and Exposition - Los Angeles, California, USA

February 24 - February 26, 2015

Photos from VidTrans15, February 2015
Photos from VidTrans15 Conference & Exhibition held in Los Angeles, CA on February 24 - February 26, 2015
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Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Session 1

  1. High Dynamic Range as it relates to Quality of Experience and Human Perception (pdf, 3.79Mb)
    Sean McCarthy - Arrisi

  2. High Dynamic Range (HDR) for HD and UHD TV: Real World Considerations (pdf, 1.77Mb)
    Matthew Goldman - Ericsson

  3. Extensible RTP Architecture for Professional Media Networking (pdf, 875k)
    Thomas Edwards - Fox

  4. Strategies for secure IP Media networks (1.61Mb)
    Helge Stephansen - Nevion

Session 2

  1. Update on the TR-01 work to include low latency and 4K (pdf, 350k)
    John Dale – Media Links

  2. HEVC vs AVC where is the magic (pdf, 404k)
    Andrey Pozdnyakov- Elecard

  3. VSF Specification Road Map Discussion (pdf, 382k)
    Brad Gilmer – VSF Executive Director

  4. Media Signal IP Routing Group Discussion (pdf, 157k)
    Carl Ostrom – System Resource

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Session 3

  1. Challenges with Large-Scale Adaptive Streaming Deployments (pdf, 1.62Mb)
    Ali Begen - Cisco

  2. 4K/UHD Content Creation: A Survival Guide (pdf, 1.88Mb)
    Pierre (Pete) Routhier – Creat3

  3. Challenges and opportunities with remote 4K production (pdf, 3.4Mb)
    Larissa Görner - Net Insight

  4. Understanding the Software Defined Media Infrastructure (pdf, 1.08Mb)
    Al Kovalick - Media Systems Consulting (Fox)

  5. SDN and how it applies to Broadcast Production (pdf, 1.59Mb)
    Subha Dhesikan - Cisco

Session 4

  1. Virtualizing Contribution and Live Production (pdf, 865k)
    Andrew Osmond - Aperi

  2. Disruption in the market: Can the Internet replace traditional broadcast transmission? (pdf, 4.69Mb)
    Derek Anderson - Level 3 Communications

  3. It Is About Time (pdf, 1.76Mb)
    Chuck Meyer - Grass Valley

  4. Panel Discussion Topic: Stumping the experts
    Moderator: Brad Gilmer – Gilmer & Associates
    Participants: Rick Ackermans – Turner, Pierre Costa – AT&T, Richard Friedel – Fox, Wes Simpson – Telecom Product Consulting, Emory Strilkauskas - ESPN

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Session 5

  1. Can the Internet Keep Pace with Video Growth? (pdf, 3.23Mb)
    Phill Lawson-Shanks – EdgeConneX

  2. Aggregation of local and national content for classic and next generation distribution (pdf, 715k)
    Scott M Davis - Time Warner Cable

  3. Multicast replication and cut-through latency (pdf, 721k)
    John Mailhot – Imagine Communications & Sudarshan Pathalam of Brocade

  4. Interop Discussion (pdf, 1.23Mb)
    Jack Douglass – Packet Storm

  5. RTCP (Real Time Control Protocol) Signaling Activity Group Update (pdf, 85k)
    Carl Ostrom – System Resource

  6. SVIP (Studio Video over IP) Activity Group Update (pdf, 302k)
    Mike Bany - DVBLink

  7. Update on the JT-NM Phase 2 work (pdf, 845k)
    Richard Friedel - Fox, Felix Poulin – EBU, Brad Gilmer - VSF

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