VidTrans16 - Content in Motion, Annual Technical Conference and Exposition - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

February 23 - February 25, 2016

Photos from VidTrans16, February 2016
Photos from VidTrans16 Conference & Exhibition held in New Orleans, LA on February 23 - February 25, 2016
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Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Session 1

  1. Network QoS Profile for Professional Media Networks (pdf, 1.16Mb)
    Thomas Edwards - Fox

  2. Optimizing Streaming Video's Quality & Bandwidth (pdf, 1.52Mb)
    Jeremey Bennington ­ V­Factor Technologies

  3. Defining Scalable IP Video Performance (pdf, 421k)
    Dr. Andrew Cross - NewTek

  4. The Future of Media Networks is Software Defined and Workflow provisioned (pdf, 520k)
    Alexander Sandström – Net Insight

  5. Industry activities around Video over IP and how they relate (pdf, 352k)
    Brad Gilmer and Richard Friedel - Fox

Session 2

  1. Infrastructure requirements to achieve PTP accuracy within a broadcast fabric to the SMPTE 2059 standard (pdf, 668k)
    Richard Hastie – Mellanox, Gerard Philips – Snell Advanced Media

  2. Overview of the Rogers Communications national IP-based video network (pdf, 3.64Mb)
    Brent Innes - Rogers Carrier Services

  3. What’s New in Loudness and Dynamic Range for Broadcasting? (pdf, 471k)
    Steven A. Silva– Fox

  4. What is the Business We Are In? (pdf, 226k)
    Carl Ostrom – System Resource

  5. Lessons learned from the EBU/VRT LiveIP Proof of Concept (pdf, 16.3Mb)
    Felix Poulin– European Broadcasting Union

  6. J2K­ULL Activity Group Update (pdf, 304k)
    John Dale – Media Links

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Session 3

  1. SDN for broadcast media - the trials and the triumphs so far (pdf, 2.42Mb)
    Andy Rayner - Nevion

  2. Saving Opex using Mezzanine Encoding (pdf, 1.48Mb)
    Richard Bullock – Ericsson

  3. Dynamic Discovery in Professional Media Networks (pdf, 2.41Mb)
    Robert Wadge - BBC

  4. Measuring the benefits of IEEE standards for Studio Video over IP (pdf, 1.24Mb)
    Nestor Amaya - Coveloz

  5. Building Live IP Production Systems (pdf, 1.16Mb)
    Paul Briscoe - Genlock Media

Session 4

  1. Precision Time Protocol (ST 2059) for the hybrid facility (pdf, 840k)
    John Bradford - Tektronix

  2. A Brief History of the 4th Dimension (pdf, 3.12Mb)
    Al Kovalick - Media Systems Consulting (Fox)

  3. A broadcaster's view on proposed encapsulation mechanisms for transport of real-time video over IP links (pdf, 9.99Mb)
    Francois Legrand – CBC/Radio-Canada

  4. Panel Discussion: Transition to IP Infrastructure
    (Attendees are encouraged to come with questions)
    Moderator: Brad Gilmer – Gilmer & Associates
    Participants: Emory Strilkauskas – ESPN, Rick Ackermans – MVA Broadcast Consulting, Pierre Costa – AT&T, Wes Simpson – Telecom Product Consulting, Lorraine St-Germain - CBC/Radio-Canada, Richard Friedel – Fox, Felix Poulin – EBU

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Session 5

  1. AES67 Audio for Television (pdf, 531k)
    John Mailhot – Imagine Communications

  2. A COTS network equipment and SDN-based approach for live video production (pdf, 1Mb)
    Johan Vounckx - EVS

  3. Operating TICO (SMPTE RDD35) in Studio over IP with SMPTE ST 2022-6 and VSF TR03 (pdf, 1Mb)
    Jean-Baptiste Lorent - IntoPIX

  4. NBA's Software-Defined Data Center (pdf, 1.27Mb)
    Eric Fankhauser ­ Evertz

  5. AIMS Role in the IP Migration Process (pdf, 1.24Mb)
    Michael Cronk - Grass Valley

  6. Interoperability Session Update (pdf, 2.08Mb)
    Jack Douglass – PacketStorm

  7. (TR-03) Transport of Uncompressed Elementary Stream Media over IP (pdf, 327k)
    Mike Bany – DVBLink

  8. Update on the JT-NM (pdf, 1.02Mb)
    Richard Friedel - Fox, Felix Poulin – EBU, Brad Gilmer - VSF

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