VidTrans17 - Making IP Video Production a Reality, Annual Technical Conference and Exposition - Los Angeles, California, USA

February 28 - March 2, 2017

Photos from VidTrans17, February 2017
Photos from VidTrans17 Conference & Exhibition held in Los Angeles, CA February 28 - March 2, 2017
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Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Session 1

  1. Virtualized Broadcast Solutions: Reality Check
    Thomas Edwards - Fox

  2. From Theory to Reality: Native IP Live Production using Media Function Virtualization
    Andrew Osmond - APERI

  3. Advanced NICs and Their Applicability to Flexible Broadcast Environments
    Dotan Levi – Mellanox

  4. BCE IP Broadcast Facility Case Study
    Phil Myers - SAM

  5. PEG and Beyond
    Peter Keys – Charter Communications

Session 2

  1. Panel Discussion: Roadblocks to Implementing 2110
    Moderator: Brad Gilmer – Gilmer & Associates
    Participants: Chuck Meyer – Grass Valley, Eric Fankhauser - Evertz, Toshiaki Kojima – Sony, Gerard Phillips - SAM

  2. SCTE-104/35 and Beyond: A Look at Ad-Insertion in an OTT World
    Ciro Noronha, Ph.D. – Cobalt Digital

  3. IP – A New Way to Think About Time
    Chuck Meyer – Grass Valley

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Session 3

  1. UHD HDR and Video Quality
    Sean McCarthy Ph.D. - ARRIS

  2. The Use of SDN in Hybrid Cloud Production
    Fredrik Sallstrom – Net Insight

  3. SDI to IP Core Infrastructure Change Out – Case Study, NHK, Japan
    John Dale – Media Links

  4. System Migration to ST2110
    Paul Briscoe – Televisionary Consulting/Evertz

  5. New VSF IPR Policy Review
    Brad Gilmer – VSF

Session 4

  1. Panel Discussion: Getting from here to IP-based production
    Moderator: Brad Gilmer – Gilmer & Associates
    Participants: Rick Ackermans – MVA Broadcast Consulting, Carl Ostrom – System Resource, Mike Wilken – Fox Broadcasting, Wes Simpson – Telecom Product Consulting

  2. IP Media Connectivity Convergence Across the Campus and the Country
    Andy Rayner - Nevion

  3. Professional Media Transport over Packetized Networks
    Sergio Ammirata, Ph.D. - DVEO

  4. Live Streaming Broadcast-Quality Video over Commodity Internet Networks
    Mike Flathers – Aspera, an IBM company

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Session 5

  1. The MEF Third Network Vision and its Application to Media
    Dan Pitt - MEF Forum

  2. Industry Activities around Video over IP and How They Relate
    Brad Gilmer and Richard Friedel – Fox

  3. Next Generation Audio over IP
    Kent Terry - Dolby Laboratories

  4. J2K-ULL Activity Group Update
    John Dale – Media Links

  5. AMWA NMOS: connection management and other work
    Brad Gilmer - Gilmer & Associates

  6. Network Control API
    Subha Dhesikan - Cisco

  7. IP Zone at NAB
    Mike Cronk - AIMS & Stan Moote, CTO IABM

  8. Interoperability Session Update
    Jack Douglass – PacketStorm

  9. Studio Video over IP (SVIP) Activity Group Update
    Mike Bany – Fox

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