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VidTrans 2014 Announces Major J2K Interop Event

Washington DC, February 3, 2014 - The Video Services Forum is pleased to announce a major industry interoperability demonstration that will take place during VidTrans 2014. This Interop event features ten equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers, making this the largest technology demonstration ever held for motion JPEG2000 (J2K) technology. The VidTrans Conference and Exposition 2014 will be held this year at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA, February 26 to 28.

Mike Bany, who is coordinating the Interop said "This live demonstration of J2K technology delivered via SMPTE 2022 transport links is the result of several years of effort in developing standards within both the VSF and SMPTE, as well as a great deal of behind-the-scenes testing between various manufacturers. The results of this work will be a series of products from a variety of manufacturers that support stream-level and bit-level interoperability, helping to accelerate the industry adoption of this important new technology." Participants in the Interop demo will include Artel, Barco Silex, Ericsson, Evertz, IntoPIX, Harris, Media Links, Macnica, Nevion, and Xilinx. Mr. Bany, President of DVBLink, is coordinating this event that is being supported by Fox Broadcasting and Video Clarity.

This year's VidTrans conference includes 2 1/2 days of informative technical sessions on the latest technologies, focused on the theme "Content in Motion." Industry experts will present technical papers on a wide variety of topics related to video networking and IP transport. The conference includes a workshop on The Future of Broadcasting and a panel discussion to discuss the recently issued Joint Task Force on Networked Media Gap Analysis Report and a discussion of future work. The full conference program is available on the VSF website.

In addition to technical sessions, VidTrans 2014 also showcases some of the latest applications, technologies and products in its exhibit hall. The exhibition features an opening night reception on Wednesday, February 26. The exhibits will be open Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 26-27.

VidTrans provides an ideal venue for television professionals to see the latest video transport technologies in person. This low-key conference, attended primarily by industry decision makers, offers a great opportunity to speak directly with key technology providers and users from around the world.

The VidTrans2014 Conference will also include a number of special networking events, providing attendees the opportunity to interact with colleagues and industry peers.

For more information about the conference, please visit for updates.

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