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VSF Publishes Draft Technical Recommendation TR-03 for Studio Video over IP

Atlanta, Georgia, October 21, 2015 — The Video Services Forum [VSF] announced today the draft publication of Technical Recommendation TR-03 "Transport of Uncompressed Elementary Stream Media over IP," produced by the VSF Studio Video over IP (SVIP) Activity Group.

The VSF SVIP Activity Group was tasked with developing a standard for Video over IP without SDI encapsulation with a specific concentration on live production. The group studied and documented requirements within the broadcast plant including video, audio, ancillary data, grouping, timing, sequencing, identities, and latency. It then researched current and proposed solutions, and developed a gap analysis between the requirements and existing solutions.

The TR is based on the Real Time Protocol (RTP) architecture developed by the IETF. It utilizes IETF RFC 4175 to carry uncompressed video, AES67 for uncompressed audio, IETF draft-ietfpayload- rtp-ancillary for ancillary data, and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol for timing and synchronization.

Chair of the SVIP Activity Group, Michael Bany, Senior Engineer - DVBLink, Inc., said, "We are very proud that over 60 representatives from 30 companies in the broadcast industry attended SVIP meetings that lead to TR-03. I feel that this TR represents a true consensus of the industry regarding transport of uncompressed media over IP for production purposes."

"We expect the use of live video over IP to enhance the flexibility and agility of our broadcast production plant," says Thomas Edwards, VP Engineering & Development – FOX Networks Engineering and Operations, who participated in the SVIP Activity Group, “and we believe that VSF TR-03 plays a significant role in making that vision a reality."

The draft TR is available for public download at the URL:

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