2020 VSF Fall Meeting Series Webinar

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 2-5PM EDT | Meeting Program (As of 9/22/2020)

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Presentation Synopses:

Update on NMOS Steering Committee
Synopsis: NMOS Steering was set up for the governance of the AMWA activities related to the Network Media Open Specifications (NMOS). Reporting to the AMWA Board of Directors, NMOS Steering evaluates new Activity proposals, initiates Board-approved Activities, follows up on their progress and closes them when the scope is delivered. It makes recommendations to the Board to elevate publications when the quality meets the defined criteria. It also owns the strategic roadmap for evolution of the specifications and maintains a communication plan to foster adoption by users and vendors. This presentation will give the latest news about the developing specifications and opportunities to help the adoption.

EBU Pyramid Update
Synopsis: Two of the principal creators of the EBU Tech 3371, the “EBU Pyramid,” will talk about the 2020 updated version of the Pyramid. Along with providing the background for the Pyramid’s creation, Felix and Willem will describe the significant progress that technology developers have made over the past two years, and how the requirements have evolved to more closely align with the broadcast industry’s needs. The authors will also talk about the adoption and feedback from the industry and international organizations. The viewers will also get updates on the plans for some Pyramid-related events and activities.

libRIST > Step by Step > Script by Script
Synopsis: The example programs shipped with libRIST offer developers more than just learning tools. We say they're "production quality," and to prove it, we use them in our products as is. Encryption, multi-plexing, up to ten inputs at one shot, up to ten outputs at one shot... any content provider can be up-and-running from day one. Then if further customizations or the incorporation of the library calls into your current application is necessary, you can do it with less pressure, because you'll have a "good enough" solution in place, while you code a better one. This presentation will follow some of the libRIST documentation's command line examples, and in a step-by-step approach, add features as we go along.

Line by line processing of video on IT hardware
Synopsis: The advent of SMPTE 2110 and advances in processing on IT hardware mean that video can now be processed on a line-by-line basis using standard IT hardware. This allows compression and other video processing features to be performed in sub-frame latency, something once only possible with fixed-function hardware. This presentation will talk about some of the engineering challenges behind doing this and the benefits

Panel Discussion: Does the Pro AV world need another AV over IP option and does the broadcast industry have the ability to deliver?
Synopsis: The ProAV market is estimated to reach $245B at a growth of ~11% CAGR from 2020 to 2024. The AV over IP segment in ProAV is filled with over 100 different proprietary solutions, and new ones keep coming all the time. How can anyone justify the effort to introduce another method into such a fragmented space, and more importantly why? The panelists will explore the need for an open standard in AV over IP and the likelihood that it can be successful. Is a standard with its roots in Broadcast really going to meet the needs of ProAV or will it fail to meet the needs of this market.

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