VidTrans20 Annual Conference & Exposition
February 25 - 27, 2020
Los Angeles, California

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All Sponsorship items shown below include the following benefits:

  1. Company Logo and name will be displayed on conference website with link to URL selected by sponsor.
  2. Company Logo will be displayed on printed program provided to paid conference attendees.
  3. Company Logo will be shown on video scroll shown during all conference session breaks.
  4. Placard acknowledging sponsor will be supplied by VSF and displayed during prominently during sponsored event.
  5. Sponsors will be offered a 1-2 minute speaking opportunity during most sponsored events.

Media Transport Solutions

Reception & Exhibition Preview

Conference Luncheons
Daily luncheons are open to all attendees and held in Exhibit Hall.

1 per day (T, W)

$1,000 ea.

Continental Breakfasts
Start the day off right, with attendees viewing your logo over breakfast.

1 per day (T, W, T)

Wednesday - VideoFlow

Thursday - Kakadu Software

$750 ea.

Refreshment Breaks
Refreshment breaks provide a morning and afternoon gathering place for conference attendees.

2 per day (T, W)

$750 ea.

PanasonicWednesday Reception
Attendees will enjoy refreshments in Exhibition Hall Wednesday following the conference sessions.

Media Links

Lanyards with one color logo

To secure your sponsorship please contact:

Bob Ruhl - VSF Operations Manager

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